Juvenile Delinquents

The other day while walking to work I noticed a kid who was wearing a tracksuit and a beanie suddenly crouch down next to a wall. He was right next to it so I couldn’t see what he was doing and this piqued my interest. I looked again, this time for longer, and could see his hands moving around on the wall.

In to my mind popped the thought, “little bugger is spray painting that wall”. Just as I was thinking this another boy came walking along the side street wearing a very similar get up. As the second kid turned the corner onto the main road the first kid jumped up and sacred the living daylights out of the other. This had been, of course, the entire reason for hiding behind the wall. They quickly laughed and clapped each other on the back and went running up the hill.

Sometimes innocent acts look deeply suspicious. And I wonder if it’s London or the media that’s made me consider such simple fun between two children a less likely prospect than graffiti? Who knows? Maybe it’s simply the fact that there’s much more graffiti on my journey in to work these days?

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