It’s a conspiracy

So all of my articles on truth have been leading up to some kind of conclusion, which was written around the same time as the Tony Blair articles about two or three weeks ago. The only problem is that there was a program on Sunday on BBC 2 which said the exact same thing as my conclusion and now you’ll think I’ve copied it. There’s a conspiracy to destroy my reputation and good name. The program? The Conspiracy Files. I haven’t actually seen it yet I have it recorded. But in conversation with my good friend Kris he mentioned the alarming similarity. But I may as well carry on regardless eh?

Have you ever wondered where conspiracies come from? There seem to be a lot of them about. And I think that they are very important way to see how people construct the stories that support their outlook on life.

The most compelling argument for how these conspiracy theories emerge is that they come because of the disproportionate nature of the truth the act itself. The true story doesn’t feel right. Like in the case of JFK people feel that the true story that a single individual murdered their president isn’t good enough. Almost as though they are critical of the narrative itself. As if they were saying, “if individuals could just go around killing presidents where would we be”?

It’s as if the killing of this great man wasn’t supposed to be the end of his story. He’d built up such a dramatic head of steam that he needs a really good ending. And the problem is that lone random confused whack job isn’t really a suitable ending. If that’s the ending then what was the reason that he was killed?

It also starts because at the begining of the situation we are as a society invited to join in the investigation. For the begining part of the investigation not even the experts knew what was going on. And because of that people are almost given a free hand to speculate.

Then add that lots of people are talking about the story and are eager to hear the latest news out of the investigation. And if there isn’t any new news then they may as well talk about the latest theory. And it’s during conversations like this that the theories cross that line from crackpot into conventional wisdom.

These things together create the ideal situation for the conspiricy theory to spread. Then if you add time you find that these theories with no real consensus on what actually happened become the truth. There are compelling stats about the numbers of people who think that JFK, 9/11 were conspiracys and the moon landings were all faked. Why? Because it makes a better story. An easier more comforting story. People going to space is scary and exciting. That they faked it to spook the Russians is more reassuring.

Let me let you in on a little secret though, which I don’t think they’ll have probably mentioned on the program. 9/11 actually was a conspiracy. Here’s why… There was more than one plane. There was more than one suicide bomber. So yeah it already is a conspiracy. The “conspiracy” in “conspiracy theory” comes from the JFK case where one side was saying “lone gunman” and the other was saying “no there were lots of people in on it”.

Anyway now I’ve got that off my chest the final point here is about the largest example of something of this order. Religion. Religion perfectly fits the three point model I created earlier. People don’t know what’s going on as the expert scientists haven’t worked it all out yet, people are looking for the latest news on why their crops have failed, baby died, the sun rose and finally the god version of creation is much more dramatic. I mean which one sounds more exciting to watch, a man in a beard magicking an elephant out of thin air or the slow march of progress over billions of years. “You mean I’ve got to wait here for a million years just to see if this rock turns into a zebra? Oh man I’m going to need a chair.”

When people saw the moon landings happening in real life with telescopes and we still can’t convince people that they actually happened good luck convincing them about something that happened before television.

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