Hair Today

She sat down by the river and started to comb her hair. Her hair was starting to get really long now. But she knew Bri liked it long. She was never exactly sure what it was that he liked about it but he said it from time to time.

Bri was so very organised that one time she had, after he’d complimented her on her hair getting longer, begun to wonder if he had put a reminder in his calendar to compliment her. That maybe he had been worried when they had first gone out to find a girlfriend who didn’t get her hair cut and decided to do something to compensate for the fact that he wouldn’t be able to compliment her after she had a hair cut. But then she remembered that men don’t do that. It was much more likely to be the way her hair was straight all of the way down but then at the bottom curled around her breasts when they were having sex. That sounded much more likely.

She wondered what would happen if her mother could have seen her. Her mother had always made her keep her hair short as a girl which was almost certainly why she didn’t now. Even though it was quite warm she felt a sudden slight imaginary draft as she thought about her mother and as she looked over the river everything looked suddenly like she was looking at it through sun glasses.

But she shook her head and gave a very slight breathy laugh. Her mother would have been very cross to think of her sitting there mourning on such a wonderful day. She would have been even more cross about that than the hair.

As she thought about it she realised it was her mother’s death that had made her stop needing to cut her hair the last time she had had her hair cut was for the funeral. Having your hair cut for a funeral seems such a strange thing but she had known at the time that that was what her mother would have wanted.

But since then it wasn’t just her hair that had grown. And now she knew that her mother was just rotting in a box not some angel in heaven. And the one thing that she had taught her above all else was to enjoy herself and not to sit around mopeing. And also she’d taught her to cut her hair.

And with that she got up and walked into town to get a hair cut. And you never know, she thought, maybe she’d finally find out what Bri really thought about her hair.

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