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We have finally finished moving house, after 10ish months in the making. It seems to have sapped every strength that we have had at times and has been an incredible journey. But this weekend we finally felt like a real weekend at home, with no real house things to be done. Nick came round on Saturday and we made a movie. Which was really nice and felt like a normal weekend again with somebody dropping by and having some food, and generally relaxing.

On Sunday I was messing around on the computer, and Katherine was baking a cake while listening to the Archers and it felt like pure bliss. In the afternoon you could find me sitting in my living room, still on the computer, drinking a beer and eating the cake:

What a wonderful feeling.

I’d like to thank, Mum, Dad, John, Ellen and Pete for working so hard on the house. And Michael, Barbara, Joe, Kris, Nick, Adrian and Dei for putting up with me droning on about my house for the ten months without hitting me. And especially Katherine for putting up with me throughout the whole process:

I love Katherine so much, it’s great to be able to share our new house together.

See she must love me, she even let me have this much electricity!

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