This is part two of last weeks story: Left out in the cold.

Despite all of the protection, the cold crept quickly around his skin. The hairs all over his body stood to attention faster than a lieutenant who has dropped his rifle in front of his drill sergeant. Ah, what a simply sublime simile, he thought to himself as the cold air cupped his balls and forced him into action.

He stepped forward and heard nothing, his ear defenders stopped any noise. He would have crunched through the snow, but instead he merely walked.

He looked down at the snow for clues, he had hoped to follow the footprints but it was snowing now and it was so bad he couldn’t even see his own feet.

What was he doing out here? He could die. If he couldn’t see his feet then he might not even be able to get back into…

He turned around and all he could see was the door he had just come out of, it was ajar. He hadn’t left it open. He was sure he’d closed it. Just then the door closed from the inside. He ran towards it. But he knew, he knew even though he hadn’t heard it. He knew it would be locked.

Tune in next week for the final part.

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