Do only smarties have the answer?

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and he suddenly revealed slightly too much information about himself. When he was a boy, and even to this day, he’s never liked smarties. He’s always found them to be horrible because of the strange mix between chocolate and shell. So far so perfectly reasonable except for the fact that he does like Minstrels which are basically the same thing.

Anyway he then went on to ask if we remembered the fuss about the blue smarties. The blue smarties were all the rage at one point and every cool kid had to have them. My friend was faced with a dilemma; he wanted to look cool and he wanted to not have to eat smarties. So he decided to eat smarties anyway but just swallow them whole like they were pills. Genius or crazy? There’s a very thin line.

Anyway this discussion led us to that old inevitable debate about whether orange smarties actually taste of orange or not. I believe that they do. But others did not. Some even went for an interesting compromise suggesting that it was in people’s minds and that a blind taste test would prove that people can’t taste the difference.

Well according to Nestle themselves they do put an orange taste into the orange smarties. And I believe them. I mean Nestle have never lied to us before.

[A note just for Nick. If Johnny Rocketpants turns up after this then it will be very funny.]

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