So what should the name for the new month be?

Since more than a week has gone by since the new calendar [So the pope hasn’t called me back] has been in place (I hope you noticed) we still haven’t got a new name for the fifth month. What you say? You thought that we were still running on the old calendar? Well answer me this. According to my Calendar it is 10th January, what day do you think it is? See how useful it is that you are able to say 10 – 7 = 3 so it must be the third day of the week eg. Wednesday. See all this and more is now available to you since we switched over.

The big excitement is that there will now be thirteen months in the year and because in the new calendar my birthday will be in the fifth month I think we should have that be the new one, and then shunt all the others backwards. Because otherwise Christmas wouldn’t be in December anymore and that would just confuse everyone.

But what hasn’t been decided is what this new month should be called. So please let me know your ideas? The best answer as posted on this blog will win. No longer do you have to be a Caesar, a god or a number to get to name a month see this blog can offer much better prizes than the proverbial cut in half yacht.

One thought on “So what should the name for the new month be?

  1. Alex Andronov says:

    Well I’ll start off the bidding with Alex. I know it’s hideosly egocentric but there you are.The only problem with it is that when you say the list of months it will go March, April, Alex, May and perhaps the two A sounds together might be weird. Although June and July are next together but that has always upset them. Maybe I should use this opertunity to split them up?

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