The Temple of Mithras

Two posts in a day! What devilry is this?

Well I was talking to Katherine last night about Mitrhas and how Nick hadn’t heard of him (Mithran the point). And she said, ah is he Mitrhas as in the Temple of Mithras? And I said, “oh you mean the temple on Vatican Hill. And she said, “No I mean the temple in the City of London that you walk past every day. And I said, “Eh”!

And then I looked it up on Wikipedia: Temple of Mithras, London and apparently it’s the most famous Roman discovery in the City of London.

So on my way into work this morning (at 7am hence the dark) I wondered past the Temple of Mitras:

See look it says “Temple Of Mithras” there.

And what does this fabled temple look like at 7am?

And how do you actually know that I was there? Well I took a picture and in my defence it was dark, and leaning at a very funny angle and trying to avoid being noticed by the slow trickle of people walking past.


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