Only one person has ever died on the Waterloo and City line

This is the true story of the only person to have ever died on the Waterloo and City underground line. This might be because it’s the shortest line which probably means that if you fall ill there would be time to take you off of the train in time. And also because each end of the line results in a terminus there is no real speed for the trains and so you wouldn’t be very successful if you flung yourself in front of one.

But one man has done it. He succeeded where others had failed. He managed to kill himself on the Waterloo and City line. The way that this occurred was that he was drunk and on his way home from some serious revelling in the City. And mid journey he decided that he needed a pee. Now he must have been really desperate because the journey is frankly not very long. And clearly he was, but being British he didn’t feel he could just pee on the train that wouldn’t be very polite. So he opened the door between the carriages and stepped out. Amazingly he wasn’t killed by this simple act, so perched on the small interconnecting strip between the carriages he started to relieve himself. But clearly he didn’t do so for very long because he managed to create a simple electrical circuit between himself and the live rail and was instantly killed. It is not recorded which of the trains he was on, Walter, Lou, Anne or Kitty* but surely none of them can be blamed.

*No, really!

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