Fancy That

Two guys are sitting at the bar one is dressed in a ninja outfit the other is wearing a bright yellow chicken outfit. Their masks are sitting on the bar next to them and they are both drinking water.
“I just didn’t expect it to be this hot”, says the ninja.
“God, you think you’re hot?”, asks the chicken. His face is bright pink. And huge drops of sweat are running down his hair line. One drops into his water but he doesn’t notice. He takes another sip and says, “this tastes salty”.
The chicken is looking around a bit while the ninja looks straight ahead. The chicken looks back, “so what? Are you a ninja or what”?
“Yeah that’s right”.
“so did you make your own costume”?
“Yeah but it’s only just a pair of old black pajamas”.
“Yeah but what about the mask”
“Yeah but I didn’t make that by myself. I just bought that”.
“Oh,” the chicken looked a bit upset.
“But there is one thing that you do have to deal with that you might not think of”
“Yeah, ” the chicken looked like he might be interested again.
“Yeah you’ve got to remember to deal with the… The… Well I’m not exactly sure what you call it. The hole at the front. For peeing through. You got to remember to tape it up.”
“But surely,” the chicken pointed out, “when you put your underwear on you’d be fine”.
“Yeah, well I thought that and then I thought that as my underwear has the same hole I might get into a pretty embarrassing situation.”
“Yeah that’s true,” said the chicken.

For the first time the Ninja looked over at the chicken and really took him in, and then he said, “so what are you supposed to be”.

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