Walking through the woods

Walking through the woods and we see no path. No sense of direction. We’re lost and we both know it. We kind of have an idea of which way we thought we were going – in general. But it’s difficult now to exactly remember. The things in the way: logs, shrubs and odd abandoned fences seem to have made us turn around just to walk in a straight line.

I’m confident one moment and disheartened the next. We suddenly realise that the way we’re going is starting to be pretty steeply downhill. And we start asking each other if we’re sure we’re going the right way. And of course we’re not. We stop for a second and look back. Everything behind us looks familiar and we agree that we’ve already tried all of those directions so at least this might be something. We walk down and suddenly we see a path rather than the endless miles of bracken. A real worn path where people have been. It only seems to go in one direction and I start to say how odd it is that something could be so warn by so many people for so long as to make this path but that they all just stopped walking here when I realise how odd it sounds. I leave some of the words stuck in my mouth and just let that shiver of a thought run down my back.

We get to the path and turn right onto it. And now we’re walking, we feel like there might be something ahead. A way out, a way through. We are now both sure thought that this isn’t the way. It’s at an angle to the way that we want to go. But it’s sort of in the right direction. It’s sort of worth while. But the main thing at this point is that we both just want to get out of the woods before it starts getting dark. There are already shadows in the thicker bits of the wood and there are noises which would have sounded sweet and interesting earlier which now sound a little bit too echoey in the dimming light.

We keep walking and to our relief the woods around us seem to be getting more ordered. As though there is something designed about them. That man has influenced what is going on here. Perhaps we have reached civilisation at last. As we turn a corner on the path we are suddenly presented with a set of massive redwoods lining the path. They tower above us and as we keep walking we suddenly realise that there are no noises any more. The woods have gone very quiet. In between the trees we can see one patch of sky ahead of us, and as I look up at it I see across it a strike of forked lightning and it starts to pour with rain.

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