An elephant and a giraffe were walking through the forest

And they were completely lost.

“I thought,” said the giraffe, “elephants were supposed to have good memories”.
“I know, I know,” said the elephant, “but then why do you think I’m hanging around with you none of the other elephants like me because of my poor memory.”

Just then the elephant saw a tortoise on a log, ran up to it and kicked it all the way across the river.

The giraffe said, “why on earth did you do that”?

“Well,” said the elephant, “26 years ago that tortoise bit me on the shin and I’ve never forgiven it”.
“Wait a minute,” said the giraffe, “I thought you were supposed to have a terrible memory but you can remember a single tortoise from 26 years ago”.
“Yeah I might have a rubbish memory usually, but I’ve got turtle recall”.

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