Some days

I’m not superstitious. But I know a lot of people who do things which would be called superstitious by any normal person – kind of just in case. And I am no exception. For example people might not walk under a ladder, kiss across the threshold, cross on the stairs and so on. Just in case it kind of might be true.

I’ve started a new one of late which is truly silly. I have days of the week socks (which is turns out I have talked about before:
At any rate today I am wearing on the left foot the correct sock for today and on the right foot the correct sock for tomorrow.
)* I now end up wearing pairs of socks, but before I take them out I don’t know which one I’m going to wear. The socks have a day on them and if the day that it happens to be the day that it is then I’m going to have a lucky day. Because I’m an optimist I do not assume I’ll have an unlucky day on the other days. I just assume that I’ll have an even better day on the days when the day and socks match.

Obviously this is madness, and I don’t actually think that there will make a difference. But I do actually go through the process of thinking of it every time I put my socks on. I always check the day of the socks when I put them on. And I never attempt to cheat the system.

But I don’t think this means that I’m truly mad. People think much more crazy things than that. But which is worse thinking that not walking under a ladder makes a difference, or knowing that it doesn’t make a difference but not walking under them anyway?

It’s similar in a way to a phobia, spiders in this country can’t hurt you at all and yet people are still terrified. I think it’s like Woody Allen said, “I don’t believe in God but I feel guilty about it”, lots of atheist’s while actively not believing in God don’t actively go and do things to annoy God just in case.

Gosh that’s a pretty tortuous last sentence. If they don’t believe in God how can they avoid upsetting something they don’t believe in? Well that’s the essential problem I suppose.

Right quick time to leave with a joke, another from Woody Allen: “As the poet says, ‘Only God can make a tree’, maybe that’s because nobody else can figure out how to get the bark on”.

* I seem to have been just as obsessed with
Feng Shui
back then too.

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