Astrologist – somebody who hates somebody based on their star sign?

Could Astrology actually be true? It seems awfully unlikely but it is – of course – possible.

There are a variety of systems which exist in the world which sound almost laughably silly but help because they make things easier to remember. For example Feng Shui is effectively the practice of furniture arranging viewed as “what would a dragon do”? You might not think that dragons know about the arrangement of furniture but think of it another way. When you sit in a space and you feel too cramped what the arranger has forgotten is that people need space around them, when you look at a room that seems to be broken up and bitty you have forgotten that the room needs a visual sweep and that if you put a lamp in a precarious position you have forgotten that a dragons tail needs space when it goes round tricky corners. In fact it’s much easier to remember the few key rules of dragons and how they work than all the specific rules of style. It’s a form of systemization. It’s kind of like not having to remember exactly how long an inch is but instead measuring the thing with the bit between your knuckle and the tip of your fattest finger – a kind of rule of thumb.

Astrology probably developed in a similar way. People for a variety of reasons will tend to be similar if similar things have happened to them, and similar things will tend to happen to them based on the times of the year that they are born. These could vary from temperature of the child in bed in the first few days of life to being one of the oldest or youngest in the school year. So the stars could have nothing to do with it working or not working they could just be the way that people identify which time of the year you were born.

Actually I’ve never read a horoscope and had it ever come true. I’ve never seen it and said, “oh yeah that’s incredibly spooky”. There is so much generalisation in there as to make it completely irrelevant and stupid. The part that is harder to throw away is the descriptions of your sign. Some descriptions of Aquarius, Taurus etc seem to be reasonably accurate of the kind of people who fit in that group. And I think that part of it is probably reasonably likely to be due to a combination of real world factors as described above (eg. temperature, age oldest to youngest in class, etc).

But I once suggested this to a keen astrologist and she said I was completely wrong. So I asked her for her “scientific” explanation of astrology. Her answer? She said that the human brain gets a real kick at the exact time of birth and that kick is incredibly subtly influenced by gravity. So that even the exact positions of far away stars can affect the way that the child’s brain will grow from that moment on. Sounds unlikely to me but then I suppose – you never know.

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