I had a dream

That one day my four little children… whoops I don’t have any children.

But I did have a dream the other day which was pretty odd. I was dreaming about track racing, more specifically I was dreaming about the four hundred meters race. Now in Formula 1 racing there is a specific thing that happens if it rains, you still go out and race but you use different tires. Obviously this situation was weighing on my mind at the time of this dream, as I noticed that it was raining at the track. And just as I wondered what they do in the running races when there is a wet race then I heard the commentator explaining that exact thing. This is what I heard:

“Well the race has been declared officially wet. So we are expecting that all of the racers will have gone for their wet trainer. The wet training shoe has spikes in it and also has been warmed so that it displaces more water than a usual cross shoe. But what’s interesting today is that only three out of the four racers is using their allotted dog.”

Yes that’s right, “dog”. As I looked down at the track I could see a set of dogs lying on the blocks of three of the racers, but not the fourth. I carried on listening:

“Yes, three of the competitors are racing as usual with dogs on their stocks, but not the racer in lane four. There are obvious advantages to having a dog on a wet track, especially fluffy dogs like these, they tend to soak up all of the water on the start line. But of course there are disadvantages, first some runners prefer to not have to stand on either side of the dog as they feel this unduly slows them as they start running. And of course, as Kriss Akabusi found to his chagrin back in the late eighties your start dog can also bite”.

It was at this point I woke up. And the only thing that I can add right now is that I suddenly realised a few hours later that the dream didn’t make sense. I mean of course it doesn’t actually make sense, but it doesn’t even make sense in it’s own internal logic. If you were going to get a furry dog to lie on your starting blocks before the start of a race wouldn’t you get them to move out of the way just at the last minute? Rather than standing on either side of the dog when basically you’d still be standing on the wet?

2 thoughts on “I had a dream

  1. Sparky says:

    Walking in the presecne of giants here. Cool thinking all around!

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