Moon Minors

Last time we left Simon he was about to poison all of the cheese on the moon. If you need to refresh your memory then please check out: Moon Miners.

Simon had announced at a large meeting of all of the leading mice that to save the moon they needed to re-establish the aristocracy. That the mice he had brought to this meeting deserved to be treated better than all of the other mice (to this he had great applause they all thought so too). But how would they be able to show to the other mice that they were better than them (at this he got muted grumbling about it had been his idea in the first place to tell everyone about the cheese)? He told them that he had finally decided to tell them the last secret the prince had told him before he died it was a secret so amazing that it would mean a way to re-establish the aristocracy. There was a way, he told them, to get to the centre of the moon and that when they got there they would have access to the most fantastic fresh cheese in the world, the cheese that they would find there would make normal moon cheese seem flat and tasteless and that with help from all of them they could have exclusive access to this cheese.

They agreed so rapidly that Simon thought it might even be a trap, but it wasn’t. These powerful mice had been feeling so silly of late that they had been no better than a common mouse that they were ready to do anything to be able to prove they were better. They were completely desperate to re-establish their superiority.

So off they set and started digging, it was tough work, and these mice had never really done a days work in their lives so keeping them motivated was hard at first. But after a short while the cheese taste had improved so dramatically that the greedy mice were rushing to try and get back to the front of the digging party.

Simon bided his time, he knew that once they reached the fondue centre of the moon then he would be ready, but until that time he would simply have to keep up the pretence.

Then finally, the big day came with a squeal of delight one of the mice had struck liquid cheese and it had oozed out all over his whiskers. They all kept digging around as Simon instructed until there was a wide opening, and Simon called out, “Bring the carrying barrels”. They brought down the barrels of poison from the surface which Simon had told them were barrels for transporting the cheese up (he told them that they were reinforced to deal with the heat which is why they were so heavy). As they were set down on to a specially constructed platform which Simon had built himself he turned to the other mice around him and said, “You are my brothers, all of you but you are not friends of me or the moon”. This place that was once so good has been destroyed by us all, and now one act of vandalism by me must restore the balance. And with this, before they could do anything about it, he pulled a special rope and all of the barrels went rolling straight into the centre of the moon. Each one melting in the sheer heat of the centre and realising its deadly poison.

“I have poisoned the cheese, and although the cheese grows slowly the poison will not, within two days all of the moon will be poisoned, and within hours it will be too risky to take a bite. You must all go back to your old ways of eating grain and working for a living. There is nothing you can do now to stop it, the moon will be saved and if you ask me why I did it I did it for our children.” And with that Simon jumped into the molten cheese and instantly died.

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