Setting things on fire

Sometimes you do just have to get rid of stuff. Some people face this challenge with a kind of joyous abandon. Whereas I am one of those accumulators like a squirrel. I tend to never want to give up something that I’ve got. My friend Adrian is a thrower away of things. He just tends to want to have everything he needs not just all the stuff he used to need or just got given once. And in fact he’d probably argue quite successfully that he is not defined by the things that he owns but by the people that he loves and the opinions in his head.*

I would like to live like this in many ways. I do believe that people are more important that things but I also remember the day my model aeroplane that had one too few struts was sat on and destroyed and not only that I have the proof that it isn’t me my personality now imposing that preference on my boyhood self. I still have my diary entry from the day that it happened. It was so important to e that it was the only diary entry I made that year. So it was clearly very important even then. When I have to get rid of something I have to be of the opinion that I would be willing to set it on fire and that I would be fine with that. Otherwise I can’t deal with it. I really need to be sure that there is no chance that I’ll ever want to see it again. Because if I might and if it’s not on fire somewhere then I might have to seek it out and try and track it down. That’s the kind of thing I might do. I know, I know, but I’m a bit like that.

So maybe I should just set everything I have on fire? Maybe it would be a fresh start? The problem is that I can’t quite imagine still being me without having everything that I own. I mean I’m sure I would be, but I just can’t quite imagine it.

* I’d better check this at some point.

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