So gamboling has moved…

…back to its original home. When I started this original blog back in 2003, I didn’t really think of it as a blog and in many ways I still don’t. Most blogs seem to be about something or someone. So you either have a blog about Formula 1 racing or you have a blog which is a diary of all of the stuff that happens to you. But what I was doing didn’t ever really seem to fit in. It was a collection of articles on stuff that I found interesting and there was a whole load of fiction thrown in and whereas there are blogs which collect articles like this together and maybe add some comment they don’t tend to write articles of their own. They tend to act more like the editorial section of a newspaper.

So what is gamboling if it isn’t a blog? Well I was never really sure. But after a while I knew that hand cranking the pages was quite time consuming and that as far as the technology was concerned I may as well be publishing a blog. So I moved over to blogger and slowly started trying to write again. There was a gap between the
last article of old gamboling
and the first one of new gamboling of six months! And after a while it seems to have settled down. Now I’m producing an article every week day and there is a pattern that has emerged:

Monday and Wednesday: Article type articles
Tuesday and Thursday: Joke type jokes
Friday: Fictional type stories.

So when I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to keep it up or that it would really work, I kept the thing separate, but now that I’m sure that I’m sticking with the new format I’ve moved everything back to the main site.

And after all of that talk of stability, here we are with a post on the weekend, but then this is a housekeeping post not a real post. I used to do posts on the weekend, in fact I was encouraged by one reader at one point to do longer posts on the weekend so it would be like the colour supplement, and maybe something like that will happen one day. But the weekend is when I write the articles now (mainly) and this way means that I have some time to reconsider a post something that I never ever seemed to have enough of in the old days.

So now that we’re all connected up to the old articles I would like to encourage everyone to go back and read the old articles they are housed in the Older Archive link on the left there.

The only main difference between the old gamboling and the new one (other than the layout of the pages) is in the titles, I used to get Word to auto summarise the content of the articles which gave some rather interesting but intractable titles, which was good but as I’m not using word to write the articles now I don’t have the auto summary feature and it really wouldn’t work for the jokes. So instead of that we have Ads by google on the new site, I don’t expect to make any money at all from the Ads, but I have it simply because I find it kind of amusing the way it tries to find adverts that work for the home page. The other day it was trying to sell people goldfish food now it’s trying to get us to sign up for blogs (and that’s even before this post has been published) it always seems to go for blogs when it’s thoroughly confused (usually after one of the fiction pieces has come out).

And finally I really have to give great thanks to my good friend Adrian who has been putting my posts up for me for the last two weeks. I have been taking a holiday in Italy which I’m sure you will be hearing about (not in a we went here then we did this way obviously) over the next few weeks until you’re probably thoroughly sick of it. But it was the realisation that I was committed enough to the blog that I was updating it even when I wasn’t in the country that finally made me realise that I was committed to it again.

Anyway, sorry for the interruption to the regular programming, hope you’re enjoying the show.


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