He lit the cigarette that he found behind his brother’s ear.

He lit the cigarette that he found behind his brother’s ear.

It was difficult to concentrate with all of the noise going on but he tried. He tried to concentrate on the stuff he needed to concentrate on but in the end he needed to – first and foremost – concentrate on trying to keep this cigarette from canoeing as he drove down the road at something like 90.

Then just when the nicotine had made things start to seem clearer. John shouted really loudly and he dropped the fag.

It didn’t go out of the window.

Where it did go was right into the hole which the seatbelt comes out of. This seemed to be something of a problem.

John was still shouting, and for a while he was shouting about the usual John things that John usually shouted about but then after a while he was mainly shouting about the way that smoke was pouring out of the drivers door frame.

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