World peace? Pah!

If you’ve ever wondered what we need to do if we want world peace then look no further I have the solution!

I think all we need to do is get the European Union in on this whole thing. We’re always being told that they make crazy laws that affect our very existence and this is one of those situations where a crazy law might be exactly what we need.

What we need to do is marry off all of the European royal families to those in the royal families in the middle east thus creating a bond which protects us from war.

We need to literally go medieval on the royals and make them marry the ruling class of the countries around the world that we have problems with right now. That’s what always used to happen in the old days so why not now?

People are always complaining that the royal family doesn’t do anything. So why not this?

Okay I can hear what you’re saying what about the way that the European royals seem to be dying out at a rate of knots and there are so many far east dynasties it’s a wonder anyone can keep track of what’s going on. But I have a solution for that too. All we need to do is get Prince Harry to marry every single on of the royal princesses out there. Because according to the Muslim faith many wives are acceptable as a premise. So why not get him to marry as many as there are and we’ll see if we can get some traction on those peace talks.

It’s got to be worth a shot!

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