I almost can’t believe how lax I’ve been

well of course I can. Being incredibly late with things is part of my whole personality. But then so is being incredibly on times with things. What an enigma? What an oddity?

I tend to get distracted from the writitng unless there is a firm deadline. And I really love deadlines. Despite this leading to one of my most favourite quotes I really do actually love deadlines. I almost always actually achieve them in my actual life. And the most diffcult thing is that in my non-actual life – in my writing life I don’t have anyone telling me that I have to do something by a certain time.

At any rate I’ll tell you the quote then I’ll tell you my current favourite quote and then I’ll tell you why I don’t like favourites and then I’ll produce a quote to back it up and then I’ll actually let the quote out that I wanted to say in the first place. Because basically this article is to let something – a quote if you will – out into the open.

The first quote is from Douglas Adams and goes this way: “I love deadlines, I love this whooshing noise they make when they pass”.

My current favourite quote is this one from Miles Kington (who he – ed? I should do an article about him some day) which I like so much currently I’ve quoted three times this week. It goes like this: “Knowledge is knowing that a tomatoe is a fruit, Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.”

Joeseph Conrad knew a thing or two and he said that he “disapproved of favourites in public life” what he would have made of the channel four programs based on the theory of what are 100 hundred clips on a theme we can get cheaply is not on record but I can guess he can’t have been pleased.

Anyway, at any rate the reason I started this was to describe a conversation I overheard the other day on the tube. The conversation started by talking about baby names, but ended up talking about names of people at school. And one of the women in the conversation said that there had been two unfortunately named people at her school, and something about her demeanor meant that she really wasn’t making it up. So I listended and I listened hard.

The names she came up with were the following, and you must remember that these were people that she went to school with. First there was Friday Sessions. Which is bad enough. And then there was the most ultimate one (in fact she told the story backwards and ended with Friday, buth then that’s the benefit of writing folks) the other person she went to school with was called:

wait for it…

… Theresa Green.

I thank you.

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