Whisky makes you frisky

I have only recovered today from the whisky tasting that occurred on Friday evening. Suffice to say that the next morning I was not really able to think about Whisky without feeling decidedly less frisky than one might hope for.

A whisky tasting is not for the faint of heart because even if you have just a little bit of each then you can run into difficulties. And as it was this was after enough wine with dinner to make my father and I consider that a whisky tasting was a good idea.

So what did we have on offer? We were sampling the

[fill in with details of the other whiskeys]

We finished with the Laphroaig 10 Year old which had the most peat of the whiskeys on offer and is also the easiest to get hold of. Now I must declare my bias here. I have been a fan of Laphoaig for a long time, but haven’t actually had any for around a year largely due to having other whiskeys at home. So this was my first taste of Laphroaig in a while and so it was a rather pleasant kind of experience which may have biased the tasting.

The first thing that you notice about Laphroaig is that it has this incredibly peaty taste. For whiskey drinkers this can be a bit divisive. Some feel that the taste overpowers the actual taste of the whiskey whereas others feel the taste of the peat is so strong as to make this something that is palatable for them. I do know people who don’t like any whisky other than Laphroaig for this very reason.

In fact the current advertising slogan for marmite “you either love it or you hate it” was bought from the Laphroaig distillery. They had previously been using the campaign for their own advertising such is the polarising quality of Laphroaig.

So what’s the conclusion? I ended up having a full glass of Laphroaig in the end which I suppose makes it the winner, but it’s difficult to be sure about this. In fact the most interesting of the whiskeys on tasting was the Springbank refilled which had such a delicate taste. There was no way of going back to the Springbank even after a quick taste of the Laphroaig.

So at this point you may be wondering what happened in that section at the top there. The section which says “fill in with details of other whiskeys”. Well I was planning on getting the names of the other whiskeys. I could remember that there was one which had closed down, and that there were three which were in short blue bottles. So I asked my dad the names of those. And he said, did you remember the names of the other ones then?

I hadn’t even remembered that there were other ones! In total we had had 8 different whiskeys. And the problem I have now is that I can’t even remember what they actually tasted like.

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