I’ve been a bit behind with my articles recently.

I’ve been a bit behind with my articles recently. This is mainly because I’ve been very busy. “What”, I hear you ask, “kind of excuse is that?”

And you’d be right.

I have recently been working for money. An interesting step for me. But much more importantly for gamboling.co.uk I’ve been desperately trying to finish a play. This has now occurred and while normally it’s been possible to update the site and write other things at the same time on this occasion things were a little bit different. Partly this was a because of the work business and partly it was because of a concrete deadline. I had to finish by a certain time and this, in an od itself, offered me some wonderful opportunities. I was able to spring clean my entire flat just while avoiding doing it. But the one thing I was unable to do as write articles for gambolling. Because I would have felt very guilty writing a gamboling article when I needed to be finishing the play. Somehow I didn’t feel as guilty scrubbing the toilet.

Anyway it is done now. It is called At Play and is available on request.

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