The law of diminishing weirdness

I have been asked since the appearance of my article the other day (LINK: If, as we may assume, weirdness is absolute), what kind of weirdness was I talking about. And in fact, by some, what I was talking about at all.

Well, let me explain. An exact situation where the law of diminishing weirdness applies is with people who have obsessive compulsive disorders. These people have completely fixed weird ideas about, say never stepping on a crack in the pavement, turning on and off light switches, washing their hands thousands of times a day. Or what have you.

To them the ideas seem normal. To others they seem weird. But here’s the twist. Because the people with these disorders believe that what they are doing is normal they think the weirdoes are the ones who don’t do these things.

And this, my friends, is the law of diminishing weirdness.

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