That there was a bar over the road called “Fiction”

Nowadays I write wherever I am. I suppose I’ve just got used to it. Since starting to write the gambolling articles was supposed to be in addition to my existing output I suddenly noticed that I couldn’t just wait until the situation was ideal. I had to write so much more often that I just had to hunker down wherever I was.

But before. Before gambolling I always used to write in cafés. In a select few cafés that I thought offered the right things that I needed.; The most important thing was coffee I liked, then came music that wasn’t too loud. (And not too repetitive. I once had to ask a café not to play Radiohead’s “OK Computer” again. I had been there for eight hours and it had been on a constant loop since I arrived.)* The final thing that was important was the café be quiet enough that I could always get the same table. But noisy enough that I didn’t feel like I was sticking out. And also so that I could steal all their characters. If it’s too quiet I only have myself for inspiration which is all very well until you have to write 260 articles a year.

One of these cafés is very close to where I am sitting now. It was a café I used a lot. And after some years of using it I suddenly noticed something rather odd (other than I was probably addicted to caffeine). That there was a bar over the road called “Fiction”. All that time I’d been sitting there writing fiction with a ruddy great sign over the road explaining what I was doing. And I never noticed it.

* They agreed and put on Radiohead’s “The Bends”.

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