How do you know that the colour green you see is the same colour green everyone else sees?

What an interesting thing being colour blind is. We’ve heard about it and we know about it. But all we really know about are two types of colour blindness. Either you can’t see a certain colour or range of colours at all and only perceive grey instead of colour. Or you can not perceive the difference between two different colours and so, for example, you would see both green things and red things as red things.

But there is another type which not much gets done about because, mainly, it doesn’t cause much of a problem.

How do you know that the colour green you see is the same colour green everyone else sees? You can’t know. You could be seeing what everyone else sees as red as green ad you wouldn’t know.

How could somebody explain it to you? If red and green were swapped how could they say it to you?

“Green is the colour of grass”, is something you have been told since being a child. It doesn’t matter if you are seeing a different colour than everybody else as long as everybody calls whatever colour they see when they see grass green nobody will every be any the wiser.

It is, I think, a rather unsettling thought that we don’t just all figuratively see the world differently. We might all literally see the world differently.

Maybe the really angry people see a nature full of what peaceful people call red?

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