On Sunday night, I was in Euston train station with Katherine and we spotted an unattended bag.

We seem to be doing better in London now – security wise. It’s an odd thing because before I just sort of assumed we were doing things properly but now I can tell they’ve improved and that’s coloured my opinion of what things were like before.*

On Sunday night, I was in Euston train station with Katherine and we spotted an unattended bag.

We quickly and dutifully found a member of staff and informed him of this bag. But he knew about it already. Several people had informed him of it. Apparently the bag had been left by a rowing couple.** But security was rounding them up and reuniting them with their bag.

Now, well just five minutes ago, in the very tube carriage that I’m sitting in as I write this article had an unattended bag in it. Some attentive citizen had spotted it and alerted the station staff. The underground staff arrived within seconds and came onto the train looking for the bag. Just at this moment he owner of the bag woke up. And was able to, if you’ll allow me, diffuse the situation.

* I like to think there will be an article on this at some point soon.

** Originally when I read this back I thought I was suggesting that the couple were rowing in a boat. I can them now as they go paddling up platform 11.

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