This player is the strongest

In today’s monopoly column I am going to talk about the importance of the trade. The trade is key for survival in monopoly. It is very rare for a player to go around the board and simply collect a set, unless there are only two players taking part.

You need houses and hotels to move the game forward but you aren’t allowed them until you have a complete set. So what are you going to do?

Now some players won’t trade until all of the property has been sold to the players. This is just one of the tactics used while, as it’s known, slowgaming. This practice can sometimes be difficult to deal with especially if you have several slowgamers at your table. However if successful deals are struck without them they may quickly cave to protect some kind of position.

It does sometimes happen that one player at the table has one set already. This player is the strongest. And by sets here, and in the rest of the article I am talking about development property not railroads or utilities. These other types are referred to as ballast and come in handy as we will see later.

Triangulation deals are key and if you pull one off then you may well win the game.

In a straight deal all the angles will seem obvious. It can work when both of you have two properties from a set in which each of you have one property that the other needs. Then you will both be getting a complete set. Then you can use some ballast to equal up the values of the sets.

This is all very well but the best situation is to do a deal like the one above but in which the ballast is being a potentially developable property.

Then you complete this set by making a deal with another player.

This is a risky strategy but, potentially, it is very advantageous. One of the key pitfalls are that the second player feels you have already become two powerful from the first deal and therefore won’t do a deal which leaves them with only one set, but you with two.

They may very well be right not to do a deal with you. It’s a difficult set of odds to compute. But at the same point that the deal is made you may very well be offering them the chance at second place or coming last.

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