For some reason buying cartages for a pen you already own is less exciting than buying a whole new exciting pen.

A new pen is a very wonderful thing for me. I tend, these days, to use pens a lot. And I tend to get quite particular about them.

I used to, about eight years ago, do all of my writing on the computer but in complete opposition to everyone else I have moved towards paper and en. I still edit on the computer but for some reason I just started to find that I preferred my writing when I wrote it on paper. So it decided to switch and now it seems to be a bit fixed. I almost never write anything directly on the computer except e-mail. And even then if it was a really long e-mail that I wanted to get right then I think I would, and in fact do, write it first and then type it.

So the new pen, as with the new notebook or pad, are fabulous moments. I tend to feel like their very necessity is a sign of progress. I have used up their predecessor and now it’s time to start again.

Usually I write in Black ink and edit in blue. I favour the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 Extra Fine. My father introduced them to me*. But currently I am experiencing something different. I am using the Pilot V. I think that’s all it’s called. But this is a disposable fountain pen. Bizarrely I’m writing in blue. I have a rather nice Parker fountain pen too but I never remember to buy the cartridges when I’m in the shop. For some reason buying cartages for a pen you already own is less exciting than buying a whole new exciting pen.

And so I tend to get distracted by the fancy packaging and son on. This isn’t really true either of course because I tend to just buy a Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5. But this pen, I’m pleased to say wasn’t purchased at all. It came from a firm’s stationary cupboard.**

* I’m afraid I must shatter any illusions you might have about this fabled introduction. We did not shake hands exactly but I used him. He felt used, and how can I deal with that kind of pressure?

** Yes, this is my equivalent of drawing a squiggle*** or signing my name. I am, in reality, exposing you to the testing of my pen.

*** I do not believe that there are real squiggles out there which people draw when they manage to get them to sit still. The squiggle has actually been extinct since 1724 when the last known specimen was tragically slaughtered for it’s supposed aphrodisiac qualities. It was often conjectured by Freud that the length of a persons squiggle was in direct proportion to the length of their…****

**** This is a lie.

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