I ask Harry why he supports Italy

Here is a diary entry of mine from the year 2000. One day from august each day this week.

Sunday – Nothing

So I’m attempting to have a good time and generally succeeding. Looking around at the female presence I’m surprised to notice that I’m not particularly attracted to any of them. Ah well I think, lots of other perfectly good things to be doing with my evening. So I drink more beer, have more random conversations with Matt. I ask Harry why he supports Italy. He said it’s from a purely aesthetic point of view. He just likes their strip, one things for certain though he says, he wouldn’t support England.

When it’s all over we traipse off. I’m staying at Kris’ house and it turns out that Harry too lives in Croydon. Kris falls asleep the moment we get in the taxi and although we get quite close to the house, for some reason we are deposited near the train station. This is something to do with how Harry is going to get home. So we walk back to Kris’ house, the whole way back Kris’ is saying “I thought the whole point of paying for a taxi was that we didn’t have to do any more walking.” And Joe is saying “But you didn’t pay for the taxi.”

Several hours later I wake up. I’m actually feeling quite good because I slept for 7 hours which is more than usual for these kinds of things. I have to leave a note, because Kris and Joe are obviously going to be sleeping more hours than I am. And I amble home, do a little shopping and get to bed early.

I was just looking back at this and thinking where this left me really. I don’t know exactly, I’m still here just writing overly long e-mails about why I’m still here doing that same thing, and there are some people out there with real problems. How I’d hate to be one of them.

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