Two groups of four. Whereas the older group don’t.

There are two groups of women sitting in front of me.

Two groups of four. The one to my right ate all denying they are approaching thirty. The one to my left are denying fifty.

They are the same people, seemingly, to all intents and purposes. On of each personality.

The fashionable one -> The one who dresses like her children.
The quirky one -> The one who keeps a lot of cats.
The quiet one -> Very successful but doesn’t like to talk about it.
The conversationalist -> Doesn’t know when to shut up.

The only major shift in group dynamics seems to be that the younger group seems to have uncomfortable pauses. Whereas the older group don’t. Perhaps this is because the younger group see each other too often. Or perhaps the older group don’t see each other enough. Or is it perhaps the evolution of “not being able to shut up”?

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