And suddenly my memory was triggered.

I found a note in my notebook, which is where I like to keep them, which said simply, “Alphabetti Spaghetti Inventor”.

As I read it, it vaguely triggered a response in my brain. But one, sadly, only of recognition. Not the preferred version of, a thought that triggers more than the original note.

Generally, I’ve noticed my mind tends to bounce around a lot of topics all at the same time. Generally very quickly but here I was stumped. I seemed to only have a question and no answer.

All I could think was that at some point I wanted to know who invented Alphabetti Spaghetti.

The answer is: somebody at Heinz. Now maybe they know who it was but so far they haven’t got back to me on this issue.

However one thing they were very quick to deny was that they had ever made Swastika spaghetti in Nazi Germany. Apparently it’s a pretty persistent rumour. And it’s not true.

After hearing that I decided to revisit my note and se if it offered anything else up. I suddenly noticed that in fact I’d written “Alphabetti Spaghetti inventions” not “Alphabetti Spaghetti Inventor” and suddenly my memory was triggered.

My original point had been – I think – that I didn’t really see the point with bothering all of these monkeys and trying to get them to write Shakespeare when we’ve got Alphabetti spaghetti to help us.

My mind stated, I retire from this point. Although I wonder now if I’ll ever find this article in the future and wonder what I was going on about.

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