The shoe department of a well known shop in lower Manhattan, New York, New York – women’s section of course.

As I sit here waiting in the lingerie section of a shop on Oxford street I am reminded of an encounter I had once with Kylie Minogue – internationally petite pop star.

The particular location of our encounter was in the shoe department of a well known shop in lower Manhattan, New York, New York – women’s section of course.

By this point in the day I had already been to many shops and so I was feeling particularly tired. So I decided to sit down. I chose for my seat one of those banks of eight stools which people sit on while they are trying on their shoes.

Now at the time of my initial reclining I was the only person sitting down. While I was sitting my eyes immediately turned to the vast array of footwear that was on offer. I was so distracted by this that I hardly noticed the “excuse me” that was directed at me. I looked up and there she was, Kylie. As I came to my senses I realised that while I had been distracted all of the other seats had filled up of people trying on footwear. Kylie wanted my seat so she could try some shoes on.

So, of course, I stood up. I apologised profusely for my having been in what was clearly not a seat for the likes of me. It was only then that that the stories of her legendary shortness came home to me. She was, and according to popular reports, still is, very short.

And I couldn’t help feeling while sitting in this lingerie department that although I still didn’t exactly belong the fact that bras are tried on in privacy and while erect meant. I wouldn’t be moved on. Which made me a little more comfortable.

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