Tom could see Jack couldn’t he?

Jack was wedged between the vacuum cleaner and the coats. The nozzle of the hose was sticking into his arm, but he felt safe. It was dark under the stairs, but not the scary kind there wasn’t enough space for shadows. He was depressed, what did Tom know about Father Christmas anyway?

Jack decided there was an awful lot that Tom didn’t know about. Like him thinking that his parents couldn’t see Jack. Tom could see Jack couldn’t he? So why should his parents be any different? Why didn’t Tom believe that his parents and Jack had been playing hide and seek for years and that to reveal himself now would be a disaster?

“So,” Jack thought, “Now Tom doesn’t believe in Father Christmas”. Next he won’t believe in imaginary friends! This might be a problem in the long run but now Jack was more worried about Christmas. What if Tom was right, and that Father Christmas was just Tom’s parents?

The other day Tom had said, “If my parents have never seen you, then you won’t get any presents. You should talk to them”. But Jack knew the truth of the situation, the game of hide and seek he was playing with the parents could only end if they found him, he couldn’t just give himself up. Well, he could, but Tom’s parents would loose all respect for him and they certainly wouldn’t buy him any presents then. Jack hoped that Tom’s parents still remembered that they were playing the game with him.

Jack’s only hope was that Tom was wrong about Father Christmas. Jack thought about crying but he didn’t, because he knew that nobody would see his tears anyway.

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