I’ve been sick.

Some of my regular readers may have been wondering what’s been going on these last few weeks. Well let me tell you something. I’ve been sick. Really not well. But I’m better now. Not totally better of course, but I am better than I was at the worst of it.

So yes, there’s not much else to say except that from tomorrow all kinds of exciting new articles will start appearing. Not just in the future but in the past too. All of the gaps will be filled in. In fact quite a few of the previous articles have been written but it’s a matter of getting them up something that I’ll start addressing tomorrow.

In other news about the site itself which I rarely get to write about I’d like to announce that somebody found our site through the google search engine. Apart from the rather obvious searches that you might imagine that we would come up under (my name or gamboling) this person found our site after searching on the subject of “the pope card tricks”.

Now I’m not saying that we’re the number one site on the internet for the pope’s card tricks but we’re certainly up there. Although I must say that by mentioning the pope card tricks as many times as I have I imagine we might jump up a few places.

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