Expedition to the centre of the brain – Part 3

Day 3

I wake suddenly and desperately thrashing out in the darkness. There is, of course, nothing out there. It was the end of my dream letting itself out into my awake self.

We must start moving immediately if we are going to make it out. Even not it will be a miracle if we get out. The food supply is dangerously low.

We start moving. After a few hours we are at the membrane. Tired, hungry and very dispirited. Once we get to the ear what little of our spirits we had left desert us. The subject is sick. He’s blocked up. His ear is completely filled with wax. Normally this would delay us. But normally we would be facing this almost half a day earlier. And not while tired and hungry.

But we cracked on. We had to. What other option did we have?

It was hard demoralising work. Each break we took I sit a bit further from the group. They know I’m to blame. Well Wally and Leftie just suspect. Julie knows. She was off her head. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of the situation.

I’m writing this on what I know is my final break. In the next few minutes we’ll be through to the connection to the nostril. I know what I have to do. I have to take the plunge. I’ll pretend to fall down the Eustachian tube. I know I wont survive. But I know the extra supplies will help my group. So I must do this. Eventually my body will work its way through our subject’s system. But I will be quite dead. It may be some time.

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