Why didn’t Iraq demand weapons inspectors go into America?

Continuing the theme of the week of the UK’s relationship with America. I thought I’d talk today about freedom as it’s being imposed on Iraq.

An interesting paradox this which is going to be interesting to watch. Values are not absolute. And while we would like to think we know what is and isn’t acceptable the variety is actually quite staggering. IN the UK it seems almost impossible that the death penalty will ever come back however in America it is a completely different situation.

How does the international community decide which set of values to impose? Of course it doesn’t. It gives the people democracy and then sits back and waits for democracy to work its magic.

The question is how are a set of people who have been oppressed for years and therefore have a values system that appears to be completely out of whack with my western culture supposed to make the decisions that America wants them to make?

What if the Iraqi people democratically elect a leader who hates America and wants to build Nuclear weapons so that America thinks twice before wondering in to their country again?

Could America justify going in and stopping them? Well they couldn’t claim they were freeing a people from oppression. Except I suppose themselves.

I always expected a move prior to the conflict in Iraq which never materialised. Why didn’t Iraq demand weapons inspectors go into America?

It would have been quite easy to convince the UN that Iraq believed it was under threat from America. That their president who was not elected democratically*, was stockpiling weapons in preparation for an invasion of their county. All of that was true so why weren’t weapons inspectors sent to America?

In the end this sorry state of affairs has resulted in the end of one hateful oppressive regime, lets hope with the American presidential election coming up another one can be toppled.

George W. Bush represents might is right not might for right.

* Whatever you believe about what happened in Florida there is no denying that Al Gore received 539,898 more votes than George W. Bush in the election but only because the American “democracy” doesn’t believe in 1 person 1 vote Bush was elected. Honestly tell me that if you heard this weird system happening in some other country you wouldn’t be thinking that the UN would be going in to demand a recount.

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