The other problem is music.

Today’s article is very exciting for me. I’m writing it completely without the use of my hands. Don’t worry my hands are fine, it’s just that I’m using exciting new dictation software. Moment it’s slower than using regular typing type business but confident it will improve.

The main problem is trying to find something to do with my hands. Normally if you’re writing something your hands are busy typing away but now they’re just flapping around about as useless as a screwdriver that came from a Christmas cracker which after you try to use it bent into an amusing corkscrew type shape and then got swept off the table onto the floor and then you stood on it in your bare feet.

Now if you were a smoker your initial thought would be obviously, “great I can smoke and write at the same time”, however we can all see where that would end up. You’d end up smoking 8000 cigarettes a day and of course by that point the machine would have a little trouble recognising your voice. Luckily for me I don’t have too much of a problem as my general position in life is to have my hands constantly in motion. I’m a gesticulator, a wild gesticulator. And I’m not ashamed of it. Although it doesn’t seem to have quite the same effect if it’s only a computer monitor that is looking at you.

The other problem is music. Now there are two schools of thought on this in the same way as there are two schools of thought on listening to music while reading. Most people would agree that if you are reading a newspaper article or magazine music is acceptable however if you reading a book, it probably isn’t. It also to do with pace, good writing should at least have its own pace. In fact, all writing, already has pace. It’s just that only some of it is worth listening to. Music also has pace and it seems a shame to be listening to two completely different paces at the same time. The question is, what to do when you’re writing?

When you’re writing, the situation is very different. You can, in effect, steal, the pace of the music. You just have to choose the right piece of music but if you are using this dictation software it becomes a bit more tricky. Certainly at the moment, it can hardly differentiate between certain kinds of words, in fact the beginning of this sentence it thinks is “subtly won at the moment”. I think adding music into the mix might be pushing it a bit too far.

So is it a good thing? It certainly is, it just means I have to adapt, I have to use this piece of software now. If I went back now, to the boring old-fashioned keyboard I would feel like the pilot whose suddenly been put onto a Boeing 747 after having flown Concorde. Or at least a Concorde, he didn’t have very much control over.

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