Listen I need another hour’s sleep.

The alarm bell rings on the cooker clock. He jumps slightly but she just calmly walks over and makes it stop.

“I don’t think it was particularly necessary to set the alarm in the kitchen too,” he says and gives a slight shiver.
“I thought it would be good to…” she begins her sentence but doesn’t finish it. Whether she believes that he will instinctively infer the end of her thought or whether she instinctively realised that he didn’t care is unclear.

He stands up, “This is no good. I’m going back to bed.” “But…” “Listen I need another hour’s sleep. Without I’ll be no good. I’ll see you later.”

She sits and frets. At one point she thinks about making herself a cup of tea. She gets as far as filling the kettle and putting the bag in the cup, but she is sitting at the kitchen table when the kettle clicks off and she doesn’t even flinch.

Exactly one hour later she goes to wake him.

She walks in the room.

“What are you doing here?”
“You said an hour.”
“I said I needed to sleep for an hour. I haven’t been able to sleep yet. It will probably take five hours for me to get one hour’s sleep.”
“Please, leave me to sleep.”

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