Apparently Tony Blair drank too much coffee.

So apparently Tony Blair drank too much coffee and suffered from heart palpitations.

I don’t buy it. It happened on the same day as David Blane was suffering from heart palpitations of his own and I think this is no coincidence.

Imagine the scenario, young hack phones in his report on his way home from the David “I didn’t eat nuffink” Blane event. He has heard the news that Blane is suffering from heart palpitations so he drunkenly phones in his report to the news desk. A minor glitch in communications and the rest is history.

The press have a headline so they phone up Downing Street for a comment. A quick decision is made while the news desk is only hold. If they deny it they look like they are covering something up, something that they can in no way afford to do.

So a story is concocted. A press conference is held and Tony suddenly has to take a little break.

So with this in mind I think it’s possible that you could suggest anything to Downing street and they will bend over backwards to not deny it.

Watch out for this headline later in the week. “Blair admits being Blane double in starvation stunt.”

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