Well, okay, so it was my fault.

I would like to take this opportunity, aka today’s article, to apologise to those regular readers who have missed Monday and Tuesday’s articles. While I would love nothing more than to take the blame for this turn of events I would like to have the record show that it wasn’t my fault.

Well, okay, so it was my fault. You may, or may not, know that the articles are prepared some time in advance and that there usually is a good bit of slack in the system. But the main problem is that the slack is only on paper. I generally write these articles on paper and then type them up before uploading them to the site.

Sadly for us all I left a pad of paper which contained this weeks articles somewhere in Sussex last week. Which meant we were all denied our articles. But, I thought, never fear! I shall go and rescue the articles from certain death. And so I set off. It was a long and tortuous journey, but in the end I was rewarded with finding the pad of paper.

THE END – Seemingly.

But the story doesn’t end there. Once I was ensconced in deepest darkest Sussex I needed to type and upload the articles. Simple you’d think, they have computers even in the home county’s. Some people would even claim it’s almost as sophisticated as London out there. But I digress. They do have computers which are attached to the modern internet and everything, but in my haste to go and find the lost pad I had forgotten one very important thing. My password.

I couldn’t upload the articles, so I asked the web hosting service to send me a new password – which they kindly did.

THE END – Seemingly.

But the story doesn’t end there. Once I had asked them to send me the password I discovered that my internet service provider has been having e-mail delays due to some kind of nasty virus that’s going round this time of the year. So although my new password was winging it’s way to me I couldn’t actually read it until Wednesday. So here we are finally caught up. Please read the previous two articles, you can find them in the archive or here (article 1 / article 2).

THE END – Actually.

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