Terry looked nervous.

Terry looked nervous. He had every reason to, he’s given up smoking which was reason enough to make anyone look shifty, he’d just been given a pint which was enough to remind him how much he missed smoking and he had just told his wife he wanted a divorce.

“Well you can pay for your own pint then.”
“Oh yeah. Sorry.” Terry put too much money on the table.
“So why do you want a divorce then?”
“You don’t look very upset,”
“Why? Should I be?”

Julia crossed her arms and did something with her eyes which let Terry know she had a secret. A secret that she thought Terry wouldn’t like. A secret that he was just about to find out about.

“I don’t know,” Terry said, “I thought you might… You might… have feelings for me.”
“For you? For you? You’ve been sleeping with my sister for three months Ter, and you think I hae feelings for you.”
“Well we’ve been married for a bit.”
“And we was… courting a while before that.”
“And that sorta usually means feelings.”
“Maybe to other people Ter. But not me. Not us.”
“Anyway. I’ve got myself someone.”

There it was. He had known it was coming, but he had a secret of his own.

“Yeah. I’ve known about that.”
“Yeah. It’s Mike Wassisname innit.”
“Mike Barry.”
“Yeah that’s him.”
“So I figured. We’ve both sorted ourselves out now. Maybe it’s time to finish things properly.”

He was saying it. And it sounded good, but she had that look still. He hadn’t deflated the look.

“So it’s not because you want to marry my sister?”
“No! Not now! I mean. I suppose it’s a possibility in the future. But not now. This is not about that it’s about tidying things up.”
“Yeah. Okay. I believe that. I’m ready to be cut loose from you Ter. Give me a divorce.”
“Wait a minute.”
“What’s the thing?”
“There’s a thing.”
“Look I haven’t been with you all this time without picking up a few fings. Firstly, I know there’s a thing. And secondly I know you’re dying to tell me what it is.”
“Sarah’s already married. She’s continued to see him the whole time she’s been with you. He’s found out about you. He’s forgiven her. She’s going back to him. They have a child. And she’s going back to him.”
“I need a cigarette.”

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