Lawrence Stephenson? Sorry

“So have you always been blind?”
“Oh no. I used to see thing, it’s just now I can’t.”
“that’s a shame. About teh4 now stuff not the havening been able to see of course>”
“Well I don’t know about that. Now I can’t see and I can remember what stuff used to look like and log for it. Which isn’t very nice but at least I’ll never have to see Lawrence Stevenson again”.
“Lawrence Stephenson?”
“Yeah he was this guy I knew. He used to be my best friend and then he double crossed me. Right before I lost my sight, which happened very rapidly. I said to him, by way of a parting gesture, ‘I’ll be happy if I never see your face again Stephenson’. And I never have”.
“That’s quite weird.”
“But good! I had many an argument with my wife about old Larry Stephenson. She argued that if I hadn’t said what I ‘d said about seeing his fat ugly face I’d still be able to see. Which you and I both know is rubbish. But she believed it. She called me a damn fool. And then I didn’t see her any more.”
“What she left you over it?”
“No. I was blind by then. Do try and keep up.”
“I see.”
“Well I bloody well don’t and that’s the point.”
“So you see even though I’m blind I can be happy about it because it means I will never have to see Larry Stephenson again.”
“But wait a minute., you said that you could remember what things look like.”
“Well then surely you can remember what he looked like.”
“Of course. The vision of him turning away from me on that very day is burned in my mind.”
“Well I can hardly remember anything I see, especially people I don’t care about. Mainly because I can always go and look at new things. Whereas I would have thought now that you can’t see you’ll spend a lot more time ‘seeing’ this man than you would have otherwise”.
“Great now you’re just depressing me.”

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