Aha! Granddad. Nonsense.

He was determined to show this lad something exciting. Something to show him that he still mattered. He was probably down there right now mutter into his merlot about how damn boring his grandfather was. She’d been kind enough to come though, he had to remember that. Aha! There it was. He pulled the grey painted metal microscope out of its box. It felt incredibly cold through his skin. There were some slides in a shoebox which he took into his jacked pocket.

He’d laughed when his grandfather had put his jacket on to go upstairs. But later when he was sleeping up there he’d curse his grandfather for not simply turning the heat up. He appeared in the study and suddenly the space seemed smaller, cooler but cosier. His grandfather was tall, thin, blue and clutching a microscope with a sense of purpose.

“Right, give me some of your hair.”
“Your hair. Pull it out.”
“Well we’re going to look at some of the bacteria that’s on it.”
“And then?”
“Well, I was thinking that we could put the cover on the slide. You get to see them explode. It’s quite exciting.”
“Granddad. We did that at school. I’m too old for all of that now.”
“Nonsense. You can never be too old.”
“Yes you can Granddad. Actually that’s part of why I came up here today. Jane and I… Well we feel you might be getting a bit too old to be here all on your own. We’re going to arrange for you to go into a home.”

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