Hurrah !! Somnambulism.

So as I think we all know, BT are terrible people, but I really was surprised to find that it would take them two and a half weeks to connect our phone line. But connect it they have, and I am no longer isolated to the barren wastes of no internet. Hurrah !!

Which leads me neatly from an actually reasonably non-violent whinge about BT to a harsher whinge about university entrance requirements. I was talking to a fellow student about phone bills, he was having financial burdens and had this theory that he was going to set up a premium rate phone line instead of his normal number. His idea was that most people are crazy enough to think that those numbers sound like mobile phone numbers and so would call him anyway and he could pay off his bill that way. So far so, in a slightly strange way, reasonable. But then he proceeded to say that he was telling as many people as possible about his plan, because the idea was so great, and it was a perfect way to end all phone bills. So I said to him, providing of course that you don’t tell anyone in your calling circle about it. But this was something that he evidently hadn’t considered. Not only had he spent the entire last week convincing his friends to get premium rate numbers which would suck him dry, but he’d also effectively warned them off calling him on his number. How stupid is that, I mean really… ? And I don’t think it will work anyway, I don’t think BT allow that kind of thing to go on, or rather you need a lot higher volume of calls than this idiot was ever likely to get. How do they get into to university? Who can tell?

I now have a brand spanking new espresso maker. I may never have to go to sleep again !!

Of course these things are sent to try us, and almost set us on fire. I have had this maker for a couple of weeks now (even though it still looks brand new – stainless steel is a marvel) and this morning, I had just poured one shot’s worth into my coffee cup and left the other shot for later. The maker being very hot, I put it back on the stove but on a different hob obviously, but it slipped and coffee started pouring everywhere. Over the walls, the cooker, the floor and the bin, and some neatly stacked empty pizza boxes. Obviously the coffee on the floor wasn’t staying put, and was creeping around the back of the oven, so I had to stop it fast. So I moved the pizza boxes out of the way and put them on the only non-floor surface I could reach. Yup you guessed it, the oven, and yup you guessed it, in my panic I hadn’t turned the gas off yet. (How I got in to University is anyone’s guess) Well the fire’s out and everyone is safe… For now…


If only I could sleep, then at least I could walk…

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