Monthly Archives: August 2012

What have you practiced for the longest?

What with Gamboling coming back, I’m mindful that I’ve been doing Gamboling on and off for about 9 years now*. I have however been writing since I was a kid. Katherine knits, some people play the piano. I learned to play the piano when I was a kid, I studied for seven years, and now all of these years later all I can play is Three Blind Mice – badly.

I think I’ll have to pick writing. You could easily say that I am a terrible writer, which people might think would be upsetting for me considering how long I’ve spent on it. But the key difference with writing more than anything else I’ve done is that I clearly need to do it. So I may as well try and improve along the way – and there’s a long way to go.

What have you practiced for the longest?

* Since September 2003