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Service with a smile

I know a French restaurant manager. Now French waiters and restaurant managers are famous for their surly serving style and their disdain for their customers.

The guy I know is nothing like that at all so I asked him why he thought this reputation was so prevalent.

He said, “in France we treat the customer like a king, unfortunately you must realise that in France we also cut the King’s head off”.

What question would you like to ask?

This is the continuing series of questions for you in the comments, here’s how it works. I’ll ask you a question, and you either answer in the comments or on your own blog and drop a link to the post.


What question would you like to ask?

Don’t worry I haven’t run out of ideas – just thought this might be fun too. Katherine wasn’t feeling well today so no editing hence the question on a Monday.

Here’s my answer:

I just told you my question was, “What question would you like to ask?”

So what question would you like to ask?